Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday Evening (7.27.12): Didn't do much, the story of the weekend. Made some dinner, went to Menard's for nails, and got some ice cream.
Friday night dinner: salmon, oven roasted corn,
honey & soy sauce veggie stir fry
Saturday (7.28.12): Got up and went for a run (kicked both of our butts), went to the farmer's market, headed over to Spyhouse Coffee so Mark could study, finished Firefly and went to bed.
Making some breakfast after our run
Turkey & veggie omelet with toast
and a side of broccoli
Car we saw on the way to the farmer's market
Front of the car
This week's farmer's market treat: chocolate croissant
from Solomon's Bakery
Study session
Blogging session
With pretty drinks at Spyhouse Coffee: Spygirl on left,
almond cappuccino on the right
Watching the Olympics. Peep his leg on the antenna
to get reception. Something we will laugh about
for years
Chili for dinner, in the middle of the summer
Sunday (7.29.12): Slept in! Made some whole wheat, rolled oats, and peanut butter pancakes for breakfast. Then went and did the whole dog park and grocery shopping thing, Mark studied, and we relaxed.
Sunday morning whole wheat/rolled oats/pb2 pancakes!
Awesome sample at Whole Foods
Did a bunch of grocery shopping
Playing guitar after a long study session
Yummy dinner of chili lime tilapia and stir fry with rice
Went on a family walk and someone spotted bunnies. Look at that point!
Her favorite "holiday", once every 2 months
Ended the night with a very adult movie :)
Someone else was clearly all tuckered out

It was a nice lazy weekend.

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