Sunday, July 22, 2012

Restaurant Review Grand Marais Edition: World's Best Donuts

I just want to say that I don't think we had a bad meal during our time in Grand Marais. We did our research before we went and it definitely paid off. That being said, there has only been one food item I have craved ever since we got home... Like seriously jonesing for. That food item would be the donuts from World's Best Donuts. I'm not sure if its just that I NEVER eat donuts (usually don't like them) or if they really are the world's best, but whatever it is I want them on a daily basis.

The day we arrived we had walked past World's Best Donuts where Mark spotted a cutout stand in of a viking look-alike with the word "Skizzle" across his chest. He declared right then, in spite of not knowing what it was, that he was getting one.

We planned on a trip to World's Best Donuts for the morning after we arrived. Being the spaz that I am, I wanted to get there as soon as they opened shop to gobble up the freshest donuts. That meant waking up at 6 am to do a 40 minute run and then driving into town. Either Mark was just as excited as I was for donuts or he loves me THAT much, because he was up and at 'em.

We arrived at World's Best Donuts at 7:30 am and walked into the tiny entrance way where we found a glass encased counter filled with the day's variety of donuts and immediately. From cake donuts, twists, pull aparts, and roly polies.... They had varieties of everything. After a few minutes of contemplation I decided on something called Chet's Best and a Tubby Twist. But when we went to order we noticed that the slot where the Skizzles were located, they were all out. Luckily, the lady at the counter told us to take a seat in the seating area and a new batch would be up shortly.

So we went and found a seat in front of a wall which housed the coffee mugs of all their regulars, which was pretty neat. Soon after we had a Chet's Best, Tubby Twist, and a pipping hot Skizzle delivered.
The "regulars" mug slots
Chet's Best is a raised donut with frosting. It was a nice, thick donut with frosting that actually didn't overpower the donut itself. The frosting looked like a spider web, which is probably why the counter attendant called it their "spiderman" frosted donut. And although it was our least favorite of the 3, we still thoroughly enjoyed it.
Me biting into Chet's Best
 Tubby Twist is a glazed knot donut. It was about 6 inches in length and glazed to perfection. If and when Mark and I get donuts, we go for a glazed so we had pretty high hopes for the twist. As we savored every bite, tubby fulfilled every expectation we had and then some.
Tubby Twist at the top
Skizzle is a flat donut coated in sugar. This one was definitely our favorite. It might have had the advantage because it was hot and fresh, but it was one magnificently delicious donut. It was about 8 inches in diameter and even though it was a "flat" donut, it was exceptionally light and airy. The Skizzle is a World's Best Donuts must.
We concluded our donut devouring session by signing the wall (you get a free donut every year), buying a coffee mug and tumbler, and then driving back to the lodge for a 2 hour hike. It was a great morning.

Number 729
My tumbler and me

I still miss you Skizzle!


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