Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday (7.20.12): Mark worked from home. After he was done working we went to the mall so he could study and I could shop. We ended our mall excursion by eavesdropping on interviews being conducted inside the Barnes & Noble during the job fair. That was fun. Then we went home, ate some dinner, and watched some Netflix.
Mark started watching Firefly for the first time last week
Saturday (7.21.12): We awoke to rain but that didn't stop us from our morning run. In fact we went a little further than we usually do! Then it was breakfast, farmers market, and studying as usual... But we spent Saturday evening at the home of one of Mark's superiors for a party! It was called 'Pig in the Poke Pub Party' and was named after the gorgeous mini pub that had been built in the back yard. Seriously, copper sink, mahogany counter tops, two 40 in tvs controlled by an iPad. The mini pub was nicer than anything part of my apartment. Obviously, we had a wonderful time.
Can't tell who is more tired after our run
Ricotta & berries stuffed crepe from the farmers market, that's what up

Fruit pizza for lunch
Food at the Pig in the Poke Pub Party
My selection: turkey burger, caprese skewer, random cracker,
cumcumber with smoked salmon, pear & brie puff pastry,
and a Scottish egg (hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage,
dipped in bread crumbs and deep fried.... A whole
breakfast wrapped into one!)
Red velvet cake (I opted for the chocolate)
Balloon lady hard at work
One of her creations
Dunk tank. Yes there was a dunk tank.
Mark getting tattoo'd up
Mine on the left, Mark's on the right
Picture of the mini pub
Inside the pub
Ceiling in the pub
Mark working the keg (Summit)
Us after returning home
Sunday (7.21.12): Slept in, then Mark studied while I walked Chloe and made breakfast. Then we went and got some grocery shopping out of the way, along with the purchase of a new filing system (much needed). In the afternoon, Daren & Jeff came over and we went to the dog park, went swimming, grabbed some grub from Erbert's & Gerberts, and FINALLY watched The Dark Knight Rises!
I've got some filing to do
Mini frittatas for lunch
Spoiled dog
Boys playing frisbee
Happy dog
New to this water fountain thing
DARK KNIGHT! And Mark with his bucket of popcorn and
pop up tupperware. The 4 of us ate through 2 buckets.

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