Monday, July 2, 2012

Restaurant Review: Sebastian Joe's

***Updated Below***

 As I mentioned before in my oatmeal pancake recipe post, my grandmother recently passed away. The way I understand it, her body was just ready to “go” and she was admitted to something called “comfort care”.

This all took place over a week period in May. During this same time, my Uncle Tom fell ill as well and passed away a few days after my grandmother. Needless to say, I was 700 miles away from family and had a pretty crappy week.

So one night (5.4.12) Mark wanted to get my mind off of everything and took me out for ice cream at Sebastian Joe’s. We had been to their Uptown location once before so we headed over to their Upton Ave location for a change of scenery.

It had been raining off and on during most of the day, but was still seasonable warm so we took our chances. When we arrived it was raining pretty heavily, so we ran inside eager for ice cream.

The first thing we noticed, besides the fact that it was surprisingly busy for a rainy day, was its size. The Uptown location is quite large in comparison to this one. The next thing we noticed was the list of ice cream flavors currently available.

The most daunting task at an ice cream parlor is actually choosing what flavor you want. What makes this even more challenging is that they let you sample as many flavors as you want before making a decision…. And being as indecisive as I am these two things don’t go together very well.

So there we were, up at the order counter sampling all the flavors we had never had before (roasted garlic?!) with a line behind us and I was scrambling to make a decision. I turned to Mark for help because he had already made his decision, but it wasn’t helping. So I did what I usually do in these situations and made the person taking my order decide for me. He scooped me up a mix of 2 of the 3 flavor choices I gave him and said that they should go well together.

I ended up with a cup of Pavarotti & peanut butter chunk. The Pavarotti consisted of a mix of chocolate, banana, and peanut butter and the peanut butter chunk was a chocolate ice cream base with mini reese’s peanut butter cup like candies mixed in. Mark ordered a mix of white orangina, a white chocolate ice cream with orange flavoring, and banana cream pie in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone.

After we paid we noticed that there was no seating currently available and retreated to our car to devour our ice cream.

I was especially happy for the mini reese’s peanut butter cups because I had been craving them for awhile. And obviously the Pavarotti was beyond delicious. I mean…..chocolate, peanut butter, and banana, can you go wrong? The two flavors did mix together pretty well, so thank you to the very patient young lad who decided for me.

Mark instantly knew he made the right choice with the waffle cone upon biting into his ice cream. He hadn’t had one in awhile, but my guess is it’s the way he will go from now on. He loved the banana cream pie ice cream and was thrilled with the huge chunks of pie throughout. However, the white orangina was a bit disappointing. We both agreed that he should have passed on that flavor, but noted that it may be due to the fact that he got the end of the bucket.

Overall, we loved Sebastian Joe’s. The ice cream, atmosphere, and price all come together nicely. So if you love homemade ice cream, give Sebastian Joe’s a whirl.

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