Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday Evening (6.29.12):

Close up of the personalized labels

Mini jars filled with dry ingredients for chocolate chip baked oatmeal
& chocolate mug cake

Completed present: Four mini jars with recipes attached
Four 1 cup ramekins
Wedding card for the couple
Mark's wonderfully executed wrapping job
Newly manicured nails to go with my blue dress

Saturday (6.30.12):

Mark's newly cut hair and my 9 am blowout holding up strong
Wedding favors with their Megan and Mat's faces on them
My dinner from the buffet line:
Fried chicken
Mashed potatoes
Bread and butter
Mark's friend from high school, Phil
Mat getting ready to take off the garter
Megan spinning Mat before he throws the garter
Garter getting Instagram
My piece of wedding cake (I had 2)
Me, Mark, and Megan
Me and Jessica who was my freshman roommate
 & one of the bridesmaids
Me with the bride and groom
Instagram of our wedding swag:
Wedding program
Extra m &m's we stole

Sunday (7.1.12):

Lazy Sunday breakfast: baked eggs
Chloe precleaning the ramekin
Farmer's market strolling: Swiss chard
Home grown squash and zucchini
Freshly picked rasberries
Fresh cabbage
Yummy looking carrots
Mark's ridiculously large caramel nut roll
Farmers market purchase:
Zucchini & Squash
And garlic
Kitchen sink salad for lunch after
a hot farmers market visit
Chickpea burgers for dinner
We had a busy, but very fun weekend. Megan & Mat's wedding was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun. We saw fireworks on the drive back home. We slept in Sunday and had a great time at the farmers market, minus the 10 minutes when I lost my wallet! No worries, a nice worker found it and all was recovered. Spent Sunday evening on the porch relaxing and watching Dark Shadows. Ready to have a fun Fourth of July!

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