Sunday, July 1, 2012

Restaurant Review: Hooters

In Mark's and my relationship sometimes the stereotypical roles each of us is suppose to play is backwards. For instance, when we first started dating I was way more into sports then Mark, begging him to watch games with me. Another role in which I play the guy, and one that most find more surprising, is my love for Hooters and their wings. Mark had never been before we started dating until I finally convinced him to go with me. I will say though, that I consider myself luck to be with a guy who doesn't check out other women right in front of me, commenting on their looks.

Back to their wings. I fell in love with them when I was in middle school or high school when my cousins' grandmother took us there because we wanted to go. I know what you are thinking, Clara is pretty kick ass and its more than true. Hippest grandma around, hands down. And after the first time Mark and I went he was hooked too.

Unfortunately, the only open Hooters in the Cities anymore is in the Mall of America.... Which Mark and I don't frequent very often. However, one afternoon in April (4.25.12) we found ourselves in the vicinity. You see, Mark is an Actuarial Analyst working his way to ASA and he had a test in Woodbury that day. It was a double score because not only was his test FINALLY over, it was a Wednesday.... Or should I sat Wingsday. That's right, all you can eat wings at Hooters.

So after I spent the day "shopping" while Mark took his test we hustled our butts up to the 4th floor and entered our wings haven.

We were seated at a table right by the bar/kitchen, which was nice because we had the big screen right in front of us. Our waitress came to give us or waters and menus, but we informed her we knew what we were getting and we were getting the wings. And so it began...

My Bone-In Wings

For our first set of wings, I ordered the bone in with medium sauce and Mark got the bone in with hot sauce. And of course we got sides of ranch. After devouring our first plates we concluded that skin stays crispier with the medium sauce, but tastes better with the hot sauce.

When we got around to ordering our second set, Mark went against my advice and better judgement and tried the boneless wings with hot sauce. He had never had boneless wings beyond and somethings you just have to try for yourself before realizing it was a mistake. I, of course, ordered bone in and hot sauce. So our wings came and Mark was forced to admit defeat. Bone in is the way to go.

In the end we devoured a total of 55 wings and didn't regret it one bit. We definitely got our monies worth and satisfied our Hooters craving.

 This isn't even really a review, we love Hooters wings and always will.

One final note: Hooters isn't just about great wings; Hooters offers a unique cultural experience. Each visit we have provides us with more insight into the minds of creepy old men and the young women that they stare at. One time when my brother Nolan came to visit, our waitress didn't know how to take a picture with my VERY standard camera. In this visit in particular, we got the bonus of observing a 15-year-old girl convince the manager to give her an application to work at Hooters. Only at Hooters!

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