Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Restaurant Review Grand Marais Edition: The Rustic Inn

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This is the last of our Grand Marais posts, which doesn't even seem fitting because this place is neither in Grand Marais nor did we even eat there. But it was a pit stop on our way home so we'll count it.

One of the last items on our mental "bucket list" for our mini vaca was to get some pie. We initially had two places on our radar: Betty's Pies (supposedly the best) and The Rustic Inn. But after talking with our waitress at the Cascade Restaurant & Pub there was no question, The Rustic Inn was where we would be going for pie.

Located right outside of Two Harbors, MN and about 50 minutes outside of Duluth, MN it turned out to be a good place to stop and ask for an update. When we left Grand Marais we were told that you couldn't travel out of Two Harbors because the tunnel out had flooded. Luckily the girl working the counter at the Rustic Inn was very helpful and informed us that traveling out of Two Harbors was now possible, but she wasn't sure how far. That was great to hear as it instilled a little more optimism in us for the uphill battle we were about to embark on.

But back to the pies. We decided we were going to order a whole pie to-go and give half to Mark's dad as our way of saying "thank you" for watching Chloe while we were gone. Since he can't have too much dairy that narrowed the extensive list of choices down to a fruit pie of some sort. After minor contemplation we ordered a fresh apple pie (it was still warm from being baked that morning). The smell was out of this world, but somehow the whole pie made it home untouched.
Picture does NOT do it justice
Once we got it home, I cut it and put our half in our pie dish in the freezer. Later that week we warmed a piece in the oven to share for dessert.

Oh. My. Word. The pie was delicious. The crust was thick and buttery with the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar on top. The apple filling was soft and flavorful without being too sweet. And most importantly, the pie passed Mark's cheddar cheese test (I don't know if it is a Meyer family thing or what, but before Mark I had never heard of having apples/apple pie with cheddar cheese). The cheddar cheese test is where Mark melts some cheddar on top of the pie; if it enhances the deliciousness of the pie it passes. And this apple pie from The Rustic Inn passed with flying colors. But I don't think that there is any test that this pie would fail. It's that good folks.

If you ever find yourself on the long journey down County Road 61, make a pit stop for lunch at The Rustic Inn and order a slice of apple pie for dessert. Your life will feel complete. Trust me.

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