Thursday, July 26, 2012

Restaurant Review Grand Marais Edition: My Sister's Place

Now our review of this place might be a bit unfair and I probably should just skip it. Not because we had an unpleasant experience or anything, but because we were both still full from our lunch so we split a sandwich. And I am not sure we gave it a chance to blow us away, we ate because we thought we should. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here is our short review of My Sister's Place.

Since the storm was starting we ordered to go. While we were waiting for our food we sat at the bar where we noticed that they used mason jars to serve drinks. Mark got quite a kick out of that. We also learned that the bar didn't have a full liquor license so they provided mixers and allowed patrons to bring their own alcohol. 

We were sad that we couldn't stay and have a couple drinks, but the storm was getting worse by the minute. So we were happy when our order was ready, and drove quickly back to the lodge. It was raining pretty hard when we go back so we decided to eat our food in the car and wait for the rain to die down a little.

Although the menu was extensive, we settled on a grilled ham and cheese on marble rye bread with a side of cajun fries. What we both remember about this meal is that the bread was delicious and Mark thought the fries were too spicy. Like I said, this review should have just been skipped. But even if the food wasn't very memorable (our fault), it's still a memory of Grand Marais we don't want to forgot.

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