Sunday, July 29, 2012

Restaurant Review Grand Marais Edition: Cascade Restaurant & Pub (Breakfast Experience)

Before we departed Grand Marais and headed into what would becoming a hell of a trip home, we had one more meal to eat: breakfast at the Cascade Restaurant & Pub. If you recall from our second "restaurants of Grand Marais" review, we had quite the pleasant experience on our trip there for dinner (just look at Mark's face in the pictures). Needless to say, we were very much looking forward to having breakfast there. We knew that we would be having breakfast there sometime on our trip because the LivingSocial deal we purchased included a free breakfast at the lodge restaurant.

So after we were informed of the severity of the storm we went to the restaurant to eat and come up with our game plan. After we were seated we started to examine the menu. I was still feeling the effects of all the deep-fried, indulging food from the day before (funny how your body will tell you when its had enough, huh?) so I stuck to a simple breakfast of two scrambled eggs, hash browns, ham, and marble rye toast.
My "lighter" breakfast
I was iffy about ordering scrambled eggs at a restaurant, usually I just don't like them but I needed something that would be light on my tummy. So imagine my excitement when I took a bite and actually liked them. I wasn't appalled by their appearance and didn't gag when I put them in my mouth. That, my friends, earns the Cascade Restaurant & Pub kudos in my book. The marble rye toast was very tasty, as expected. Not much to say about it except I guess Grand Marais knows their way around a loaf of marble rye. The hash browns were crispy on top, but soft underneath, just the way I think hash browns should be. Of course, after eating the hash browns at The Oceanaire I had to see if they passed the Tabasco test. They did. I can't speak on the piece of ham as I gave it to Mark, but he seemed to enjoy it.

As for Mark, he continued his tradition (it can be a tradition after one visit, right?) of ordering the delicious, indulgent cafe style food by asking for the biscuits & gravy with scrambled eggs. His eyes lit up when the set his plate in front of him filled with biscuits soaked in gravy, scrambled eggs nestled against the gravy, and an orange slice on the side. Once again he cleared his plate and licked it clean and noted that it was "quality cafe fare". I sampled a few (or more) bites and was particularly fond of the peppered sausage gravy. I just think its the perfect breakfast gravy, especially for dipping eggs in.
Mark's breakfast
We have nothing but good memories of both the Cascade Lodge and the restaurant. It was a pleasant experience and everyone was extremely kind. We would definitely recommend both places to anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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