Monday, October 1, 2012

Spicy Meatloaf With Sweet-Spicy Glaze (Individual Size!)

I like to think I'm pretty in tune with my body and her needs. But every once in awhile she throws me a curve ball. One of those curve balls happened the other day when I woke up craving meatloaf. Having a craving so specific is nothing weird to me, I never crave "something sweet" or "something crunchy". No, when my body wants needs something she is always very good at telling me exactly what it is. And most of the time I understand. When she said "I need a big, juicy bison burger topped with the works" earlier this summer I thought to myself "who doesn't need more bison in their life", this past weekend she screamed "Sebastian Joe's for some Chocolate Coyote" and we were there 30 minutes later.

But lets just get one thing straight: I hate meatloaf. The girl who had to be dragged to the table whenever meatloaf was announced for supper, who subsequently drowned each and every piece in HFCS-laden ketchup? Yep, that was me.

Needless to say I was caught off guard when the craving hit, and I tried to ignore it. As the day went on however, I just couldn't get meatloaf out of my head. So I caved.

Worst case scenario? I would end up eating a bowl of cereal *shucks*. I was willing to take the risk.

After a little research into meatloaf recipe basics I jotted down some additions to try to give the dish a chance of being somewhat enjoyable for me. I went with the spicy-sweet combination and added some collard greens (any greens would do) as adding vegetables to any dish automatically raises it 10 points in my book. Since I only had 1/2 lb of ground turkey to work with I divvied up the mixture among three ramekins and topped each with a spruced up ketchup glaze. After a short time in the oven the apartment smelled so good I almost forgot I was making meatloaf.

I plated a ramekin on each of our plates. The moment of truth had finally arrived. Was I going to regret relapsing after 4 or 5 strong meatloaf-less years or was a new friendship about to be born?

As for the end result? Extremely flavorful, juicy pieces of meat with a caramelized sweet & spicy topping. It melted in my mouth and satisfied my craving through and through. I did NOT have cereal for dinner and couldn't wait for lunch the next day to eat some leftovers.

I apologize to my body for ever doubting her for a second, she truly knows me better than I know me and that is a beautiful thing. And while we are at it let's just get one thing straight: I like meatloaf, at least this one.
Meatloaf Ingredients
Glaze Ingredients
Meatloaf Mixture
Divided Up
Ready for the Oven
Done and Delicious
Spicy Meatloaf With Sweet-Spicy Glaze (Individual Size!)

Serves 2-3


For Meatloaf:

1 teaspoon oil

1/4 cup chopped onion

1 large collar green leaf, chopped and optional

1/2 lb ground turkey

1/4 cup oatmeal

1/8 cup ketchup

1 egg

1/2 chipotle pepper, minced

1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce

1/2 teaspoon taco seasoning

For Glaze:

1 tablespoon ketchup

1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce

1/2 teaspoon taco seasoning

1/2 teaspoon adobo sauce


Preheat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit.

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. When oil is hot add onion and collard greens to pan allowing greens to wilt; set aside.

Using your hands, mix together onion mixture, ground turkey, oatmeal, ketchup, egg, chipotle pepper, worcestershire sauce, and taco seasoning in a medium bowl.

Spray three 1 cup ramekins lightly with non-stick spray and evenly distribute turkey mixture between the ramekins; set aside.

In a small bowl mixture together ingredients for the glaze. Spoon glaze evenly onto of each ramekin.

Place in oven and bake for 35-40 minutes.

Enjoy :)

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