Sunday, July 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: IKEA Cafeteria

For my sister's birthday, we got her an IKEA gift card. We were looking for an excuse to see each other one day (5.5.12), and decided to meet at IKEA for breakfast and to do some shopping.

As it turns out, everybody was running late that day, so our breakfast date was postponed and turned into a lunch date. Since we are huge fans of IKEA breakfast and had talked it up to Tara, who had never had it we were a little bit disappointed. But hunger has no emotion so by the time we arrived we were ready to eat!

Tara ordered a buffalo chicken wrap with a cup of three-bean chili. We both agreed that the buffalo wrap was good, and the chili was delicious. The two worked really well together too, as we found that the wrap dipped in Chili was AWESOME.

I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous, so I ordered the chicken tenders and fries with a side of ranch. It had been a while since I had a meal like this, and I was happy that I ordered it. Both the chicken and fries were surprisingly good for cafeteria food, and they put me in a good mood for some furniture window shopping.

On top of the food, we shared some of the IKEA coffee that we got for free since we are IKEA family members. We agree that this is a pretty sweet perk, even if the coffee isn't anything spectacular. But the best perk of signing up for the IKEA family program is the free froyo cone coupon; its the best food item at IKEA in my opinion. My niece also got free food since we were there on the weekend of their grand reopening. How could we be unhappy with all of that free swag?

All in all, we were happy with our food and had a fun experience seeing my sister and her family at IKEA. The highlight of the trip was walking over to the Mall of America and watching my brother in law, Jake, get a straight razor shave. He hadn't been clean shaven in years and it was the first time any of us at seen someone get a straight razor shave. It was like a scene straight out of Sweeney Todd!
Getting foamed up

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