Friday, July 6, 2012

Chloe's 3rd Birthday

Chloe at 2 months
As I mentioned before Chloe's birthday is July 5th, which makes the holiday extra special. Unfortunately Mark had to work this year, so we just waited and celebrated after he came home. Since we planned a picnic dinner at the dog park I spent part of the day prepping. I wanted something quick that would travel fairly well. I was thinking chicken but Mark suggested tofu which fit more into the "quick" category (can't beat ready to eat protein).

As I was running I brainstormed what to make with the tofu. Stir fry popped into my head first but that meant turning on the stove, something I was trying to avoid. After deliberating with myself for awhile I settled on tofu kabobs because it was different than stir fry (my go-to), had veggies but wasn't a salad (something Mark appreciated), and didn't require the stove.

When I got through running I just pressed the tofu and cut into 1 in pieces, chopped some veggies, and threw it all in a tupperware with some soy sauce, garlic powder, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. Then I let it marinate all day, skewered it and grilled for about 5 minutes on the Foreman. Voila! Dinner was ready to go.
Tofu and veggie kabobs
After the dog park and dinner we headed back home and gave Chloe one of the bones we bought her and started on her birthday cake. We made two carob mug cakes (one for Chloe and one for us) and one "white" mug cake. As soon as I got the carob down Chloe knew it was for her, so she sat in the kitchen eagerly awaiting her birthday treat.

Chloe's carob cake

Sitting impatiently for her bone
"You better not touch my bone"
 Once we gave her the cake it was gone..... in one bite. There wasn't even any time to get a picture, but that's my dog!
All gone!

Family picture on Chloe's 3rd birthday
I think, or at least hope (she's a temperamental one), Chloe had a great 3rd birthday. Let's see if she is out of those terrible two's ;).

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