Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday (7.6.12):

There are no pictures for our Friday night. I was feeling a little under the weather so we stayed in and lounged. We did watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time and were pleasantly surprised that we thoroughly enjoyed it. I think we were expecting a semi chick flick/romance, but appreciated how different the movie was as opposed to if it were made today.

Saturday (7.7.12):


Farmer's Market Swag:
-Bok Choy
   -Swiss Chard
Turkey Momos with Tomato Chutney
Us enjoying our momos from the farmers market

Swag for Chloe from Woody's Pet Deli:
-Dried Lamb Lung
-Raw Rabbit
-Raw Beef
-Cooked Chicken
-Cooked Turkey


Entering Canterbury Park
Mark stoked for free hot dog day! They were
hormel hot dogs, meaning "dome dogs". The
one thing we miss from the Metrodome
Me enjoying the petting zoo at Canterbury
Mark and I sitting in the stands, waiting for the race to start
Daren and me hanging in the stands
Racing to the finish
Dachshunds lining up for the wiener race
And the are off
Me enjoying a "dome dog"
Mark with what should have been our
winning ticket

Cute, tiny seating area in Sweet Taste of Italy
Went and saw Ted with Daren and Jeff

Brunch at 11 am: Blueberry and banana omelet
Tired from the dog park
My lunch: Turkey and tomato panini, watermelon and blueberries,
and steamed broccoli & carrots.
Marks lunch: Chickpea burger and cheese balls with peanut butter
Working hard on the blog at Caribou
Cooking up some dinner
Chloe about to get some raw rabbit meat for the first time
Me enjoying the tofu stir fry for dinner
Chloe being cute on our bed with her glass jar
Despite me being sick we had a great weekend. Spent all day Saturday with Daren and Jeff after not seeing them for about a month. Went to Canterbury Park for the first time and watched some races and a hot dog eating contest. Sunday was nice and relaxing. Spent the afternoon at Caribou getting organized. We ended the evening watching some MANswers on Netflix. Can't wait for tomorrow, restaurant week beings!

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