Sunday, September 16, 2012

Be'wiched Deli

Restaurants with the word "deli" in the title always get my attention. To me a deli is a place sure to have sandwiches, one of my favorite meals because they are endlessly customizable, quick, and, cheap leaving everyone satisfied. Obviously when I first heard of Be'Wiched Deli in the Warehouse District I thought it would be a great restaurant for Mark and me, no research necessary. Upon further inquiry (aka googling) I inserted it on the top of my "must-try" restaurants.

One day earlier this summer I happened to have a doctors appointment right around lunch time, so Mark blocked off a chunk of the afternoon and we hopped on the bus down to the restaurant. When we arrived it wasn't too busy, but filling up quickly. The place was set up a lot like a diner, complete with a display case full of baked goods, booth seating, and a chalk board at the counter menu.

After mulling over the menu for a few minutes (they have some unique and tasty sounding sandwiches) Mark settled on the smoked turkey on ciabatta and I went with the cup of soup and 1/2 sandwich combination of tomato gazpacho & veggie burger.

We got some water, found seating at one of the high top tables, and soon after our food was brought out to us. Besides knowing it was a cold soup gazpacho and I were strangers with unknown compatibility. It came with a slice of bread for dipping, earning itself some points with me before even picking up the spoon. After taking my first sip it was clear that this would be the beginning of a long, prosperous friendship. It was extremely tomatoey, garlicky, and smooth. It was so good and refreshing on a very hot July day. Part of me can't wait for cold season as I think it would be the perfect "sick-time" soup!

The veggie burger, made of roasted beets, mushrooms, & grains, is the inspiration for my own beet burger. It came topped with lettuce on a delicious onion bun. Although it was mushy like all other meat-alternative burgers I have had, it was extremely flavorful and satisfied my tastebuds. It came with a side of mixed sweet & hot pickled cucumbers adding the "crunch" the burger was missing. I enjoyed the veggie burger, but would probably try a meat-filled sandwich next time.
My cup of soup and 1/2 veggie burger
Mark's smoked turkey sandwich came topped with bacon, goat cheese, and dates. Mark loved how the flavors and saltiness of the turkey & bacon offset the sweetness of the goat cheese & dates. He was very impressed with the amount of turkey that was stuffed into the ciabatta bread noting that we definitely got our moneys worth for the food.
Mark's turkey sandwich
As we were finishing up our meal Mark noticed the HUGE rice krispie treats at the counter and after confirming they were made in house picked out a chocolate topped peanut butter rice krispie to be shared on our walk back to his building. This treat was about 3 inches thick and generously topped with chocolate. We were impressed with how rich and dark the chocolate was, however because of the temperature it was quite messy and melting all over. It was enjoyed, but inferior to mine :).
Excited I let him get the rice krispie treat
In conclusion, if you are a sandwich freak like us (or even if you aren't) try out Be'Wiched because their food lives up to everything you will read online.

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