Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: Vincent A Restaurant

Vincent Burger
Back during the winter session of Restaurant Week in Minneapolis Mark and I picked out a French place on Nicollet Mall called Vincent A Restaurant. I have always been drawn to all things French because I took four years of French in high school, and we liked that it was close enough to Mark's building that the walk over wouldn't be too bad. Long story short, we loved it and vowed to be back. We stayed true to that vow and on a gorgeous day in May (5.15.12) we had a lunch date. Luckily we had a seasonally warm winter here and by May the patio was open and we were able to eat outside.

Once we were seated our waiter came over and gave us a basket with a loaf of bread. Unlike the bread at Buca, the bread here is delicious, and we instantly scarfed it down. We also recognized that this was the same waiter we had on our first visit. We were thrilled about this because he was part of the reason we enjoyed our last trip so much.

After receiving our drinks (water for me, iced tea for Mark) and another bread basket (best waiter ever) we started browsing the menu. The cool thing about Vincent is they have a prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner which changes on a weekly basis. So for $13.50 you get to choose one of 3 entrees along with one of 2 desserts. Mark didn't even need to look at the menu because he had known what he wanted since before we set foot inside the restaurant so he started eating on the sugar cubes that were brought out for his ice tea. Secretly I think this is the only reason he orders the ice tea. That boy and his sweet tooth. Thankfully the week we went two items on the prix fixe menu caught my eye, and entree and a dessert so we were quickly ready to order.

Mark ordered the famous Vincent burger with fries, which I think is suppose to be the head chef's french take on the juicy lucy. The ground sirloin burger is stuffed with braised short rib meat and smoked gouda, served on a egg bread bun. The burger itself is thick and juicy. When you bite in a big glob of cheese pours out. It's a delicious and flavorful patty and in the words of Mark, its the "perfect burger". The fries are crispy and nicely salted. I would be surprised if Mark ever orders anything different.
Mark excited to dig into his burger
I ordered the poached eggs with asparagus in lobster broth. I love poached eggs and asparagus (double bonus because it was around the time asparagus was in season) and had never had lobster broth before so I was intrigued to see how all of these things were going to come together. And once again Vincent did not disappoint. The egg yolk mixed in with the broth was absolutely delicious and luckily I saved some bread from our second bread basket to dunk into the liquid (what can I say, I am a dunker). It was divine.
My poached eggs with shaved asparagus in lobster broth
For my dessert I chose to get the nutella and banana crepe with dulce de leche gelato. Mark was especially excited because he loves nutella crepes AND dulce de leche. I don't know that there is much to say about the dessert. I mean nutella-good, banana-good, crepes-good, gelato-good.
Nutella and banana crepe with dulce de leche gelato
Vincent hasn't ceased to amaze us yet. We have enjoyed every aspect about both of our trips there. Definitely a hidden gem of Nicollet Mall and downtown Minneapolis in general.

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