Friday, June 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: I AM COFFEE

About three months ago Mark and I decided that we should start a journal of all the cafes/restaurants we visit as a way to scrapbook the experience (what we ate, weather, surroundings, etc). We try and write our notes no more than a day later to keep our thoughts fresh. Since we are on a mission to use less paper, the reason for the blog, we decided to start from the beginning of our journal and post the things we wrote here. First up: I AM COFFEE!

After one Saturday morning run around Lake Calhoun in March (3.25.12) we were driving back to our apartment and Mark thought he saw a coffee shop called I AM COFFEE. Since we had been meaning to scout out some new coffee shops (there has to be more to life than Starbucks and Caribou, right?), we zig-zagged our way back through the one-way streets to get to the coffee shop.

The coffee shop itself is really small. It was located in a building that looked kind of like a laundromat, just the type of place that would intrigue both Mark and myself.

One thing you should know about Mark is that he is a little particular about his coffee. He used to work at a small town coffee shop, and knows how drinks are suppose to be made. So every time we go to a coffee shop I get nervous for the place as I anxiously wait to see if it gets Mark's stamp of approval.

Unlike Mark, I am no where near a coffee connoisseur. In fact, I am caffeine intolerant. I do love the smell and taste of coffee however and decided that this was one time I was going to "treat" myself to a coffee beverage (decaf, of course).

Mark ordered a cafe au lait, something he had actually never had before. I ordered a skim, decaf cappuccino with a shot of hazelnut. I love cappuccinos for their foam and getting it flavored seems to offset some of the effects the caffeine. As we were paying, something caught Mark's eye.... day old bakery goods. He picked out an apple turnover and threw it on the counter.

I AM COFFEE ended up getting Mark's approval as he thought the light roast coffee used to make his drink was really tasty. I enjoyed every sip of my hazelnut cappuccino and didn't regret it one bit. The apple turnover was big enough for both of us to share. We warmed it in the microwave (I have a thing....all my food MUST be warm) and shared it as a mid morning snack. It still tasted flaky and fresh. For $0.99 I would definitely get it again.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to I AM COFFEE and will probably make our way back in sometime.

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