Sunday, December 30, 2012

Restaurant Review: Eat Street Social

So at the end of September Mark and I did something nobody (including ourselves) ever thought we'd do: got married. And we did it exactly the way we wanted, without telling anyone and with no ceremony. It took $1000 and a month to plan. The only catch was that we needed two witnesses, so we invited Daren, Jeff, Ben, and Angie for a day of marriage license signing and food.

The food, thats the important part. We thought it would be a nice "thank you" to take everyone out to lunch after the wedding. After much research and a livingsocial purchase, reservations were made at Eat Street Social in Uptown. This was a place I had had my eye on for a couple months after reading about their soda fountain drinks in an mspmag article. I thought it would be perfect since we had the whole spectrum of eaters joining us and their brunch menu seemed to fit the bill.

After our early morning of driving to Rosemount and back we stopped into Eat Street Social for some grub. We were seated at a huge booth that comfortably fit all 6 of us and in plain sight of the bar, which I enjoyed.

Before any food could be ordered I needed to try out a soda fountain concoction. I went with the Bronx egg cream because it was the one I was most curious about (the fact that it was a chocolate drink and topped with a pretzel had nothing to do with that). Made with dutch chocolate syrup, whole milk, and seltzer water the egg cream was nice and thick. It was chocolately and decedent with a large pretzel stick to dip. We loved it. Both Ben and Jeff ended up ordering the orange dream, which we thought tasted just like a dreamcicle. I was very impressed with both drinks.

As for our food Mark went the breakfast route (thats what we love about brunch, you can go either way) and ordered eggs benedict with cheesy grits and breakfast potatoes. He was happy with the Hollandaise sauce, as it was less sour than others he had in the past but noted that the bread was softer than desired. I agreed because with a heavy sauce like Hollandaise you need a sturdy bread otherwise it ends up mushy. The eggs, however, were perfect. Mark loved the cheesy-ness of the grits and was happy to see them on the menu after craving them for awhile. The potatoes were also a hit as they were baby reds (his favorite) and fried just until soft. Even with the minor bread snafu its safe to say that he really enjoyed his meal as he didn't leave a crumb behind.

I went the lunch route and ordered something I had been curious about but nervous to try: grilled portabella with fries. You see, up to this point I didn't really like mushrooms but had never had a portabella, so I went for it. It came on a ciabatta with roasted red pepper, red onions, and basil chèvre on top. Overall, I really enjoyed it. The portabella was 'meaty', probably the reason it is used so often as a burger replacement for vegetarians. But my favorite part of the meal was the fries... HANDS DOWN! They were shoestring size but crispy, not greasy and light tasting. They were out of this world good. I was beyond satisfied as was Jeff, who got some with his grilled cheese.

Here are pics of what the others ordered:
Orange Dream
Ben's mac n cheese with truffle oil and lobster: DECEDENT
Angie's blueberry pancakes
Daren's biscuits and gravy with eggs
With Eat Street Social we accomplished our goal of thanking everyone for taking time to come to our wedding, while finding a place with something for everyone. Ben and Angie have become regulars and Jeff talks about those fries to this day.

It was the perfect 2nd part of our wedding day. The third part (dessert) will be covered in the next post.

We are now officially the Welchmeyers! Eek.


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