Friday, August 3, 2012

Salt & Vinegar "Smashed" Potatoes

"Smashed" potatoes with tofu scramble & brussel sprouts
In my opinion, if there are any two ingredients that are meant to go together, those two ingredients are salt & vinegar. I love salt & vinegar chips, popcorn, and anything pickled (with extra salt on top of course). Around 80% of the time I would choose something salt & vinegar over something sweet; it's just the way I roll.

A few months ago I was surfing the net for some new ideas for how to cook red potatoes when I came across some recipes for salt & vinegar potatoes. I was in love. However, most recipes I found called for boiling the potatoes in vinegar and then mashing them. This seemed like a waste of tasty vinegar to me. Instead I decided to boil the potatoes until soft, then roast them until the skins were crispy, and add the vinegar at the end for a burst of vinegary flavor.

It turned out to be a best-of-both-worlds side dish: Mark got his potato fix, and I got my salt & vinegar fix (for a second anyway). Although it takes a little bit of time its a pretty simple dish and a nice diversion from your typical mashed or baked potato routine. And they go great with a jalapeƱo aioli tuna melt and a side of broccoli. Just sayin'.

Ingredients for success
About to be smashed
Ready to be roasted
Salt & vinegar "smashed" potatoes with tuna melts and broccoli
Salt & Vinegar "Smashed" Potatoes

Serves 2-4


6-10 red potatoes (depending on size, small potatoes work best)

1/4 cup vinegar (any kind you want, I used distilled white)

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

Parsley, optional


Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wash potatoes, place in a large stock pot, cover with water, and allow to boil until soft.

Place potatoes 2 inches apart on a towel and place another towel on top.

Carefully press on each potato until it "smashes" into a patty.

Place "smashed" potatoes on a greased (or Silpat lined) baking sheet.

Brush tops with olive oil.

Roast in oven for 30 minutes, flipping once.

Take out of oven and pour vinegar evenly over potatoes.

Salt and lightly pepper the tops of the potatoes and sprinkle with parsley.

Enjoy :)

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