Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday Evening (7.13.12): Got some running around out of the way and made some much needed purchases
Mark's new tea pot, $10 at Macy's!
Mark's new work pants, $30 at Macy's!
Can't wait! And of course we are going with Daren and Jeff.
Saturday (7.14.12): Ran Chloe and went to the farmer's market where we bought our usual produce. Then met Ben and Angie and went to brunch in St. Paul! After an afternoon of studying for Mark we went bowling.
Food tags
At brunch with Ben and Angie, who are next to Mark
Someone was studying hard
Made some pizza dough while Mark studied
Winding up
Watching closely
Better luck next time
Nice form
Love the "watching" stance
I won the first game
But lost the second
Our "dinner"....brunch filled us up
Sunday (7.15.12): Mark woke up early to get more studying out of the way. I slept in and then got up and made some farmer's market fresh veggie egg mcmuffin sandwiches. After we went grocery shopping we went over to Lake Calhoun and played some frisbee. We also found the new "limited edition" Girl Scout Crunch bars I have been looking for. I'm not usually a candy bar girl, but I just had to see what these were all about. Then we went home and Mark told me to "go relax" while he made me a wonderful dinner (baked pasta with sauteed veggies) and did the dishes. We ended the night watching Young Adult while petting Chloe.
Veggies for breakfast
Egg, cheese, and veggie breakfast sandwiches
With hot almond milk and pb2
Playing frisbee by Lake Calhoun
Lunch which was actually suppose to be dinner the night before
FINALLY found the Girl Scout Cookie Crunch bars
Handsome boy making me dinner. Can you tell he
wears that shirt a lot?

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