Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Cocoa & Fig

Updated 8.19.12:
Just tried a banana nut cupcake, s'mores cupcake, and an almond caramel cake pop. The banana nut cupcake tasted like banana bread and had a delicious cream cheese frosting; the s'mores cupcake had a homemade graham cracker base with a chocolate chunk filled chocolate cupcake and a homemade torched marshmallow on top. As for the cake pop, it was a gooey caramel almond cake dipped in milk chocolate. Each of them were impressive delicious treats. Seriously give this place a try sometime.

I am obsessed with cupcakes. I love everything about them. The process, the possibilities, the liners,  and of course eating them. I just think they are perfectly packaged desserts or snacks. Sometimes I even make us head over to Byerly's so I can get a cupcake from their bakery.

Mark fully supports this addiction and will happily get me my fix. And sometimes (usually when I've had a bad day) he comes home with sweet treats from my favorite boutique bake shop Cocoa & Fig. Its a small retail store (part of a catering company) nestled between Neiman Marcus & Saks 5th Ave in Gaviidae Commons.

Not only do they have beautiful cupcakes on display, but they also have flourless cakes, cake pops,  sandwich cookies, and french macarons.
This delightful little buggers were nonexistent
in our lives before Cocoa & Fig. We are forever
in their debt.
Their cake pops and oatmeal peanut butter
sandwich cookie
On this particular day Mark brought home a chocolate macaron and a vanilla cupcake with lemon curd and raspberry frosting. We were particularly excited to try the chocolate macaron because it was the only flavor we hadn't had.
Vanilla cupcake with raspberry buttercream and a dollop of lemon curd
Chocolate macaron
The chocolate meringue based cookie was light and airy and perfect as usual. It tasted a lot like a brownie with exceptionally crisp crust. It wasn't mine or Mark's favorite flavor of macaron (mine is pistachio) from Cocoa & Fig but we enjoyed every bite nonetheless.

As for the cupcake, while it was good I didn't think that it stacked up well against other Cocoa & Fig cupcakes that we have tried. I wasn't the biggest fan of the drop of lemon curd as I didn't think it added anything to the cupcake. It was tart, but the raspberry buttercream and the vanilla cupcake itself wasn't really all that sweet so I just didn't see the point.

But fear not! This one underwhelming trip will not deter us from returning. Luckily we made better decisions on flavors on previous trips so we know how wonderful Cocoa & Fig can be. Can't wait to go back.

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