Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hi, We're the Welchmeyers

Tired of wasting paper, and losing track of our photos and notes, we decided to make a place where we can scrapbook our lives... without the scrapbook!

The name Running out of Apples came about while brainstorming names that were fitting to our lives, and we always seem to be out of apples. We buy them twice a week, and eat them everyday!

After learning that Google will not let our 2-1/2 year old puppy create an account, we lied and said that she is 23.

Without further adieu, let us introduce ourselves:

1. Mark- I like playing Yahtzee, watching movies, and chasing our puppy around.
2. Tara- I like being in the kitchen, watching sports games (go Pistons and Tigers!), and "hunting" bunny rabbits with our puppy.
3. Chloe, the puppy- Likes sleeping on laps, pointing "wild" animals, and begging for food.
4. Zooey, the turtle- Like basking in the "sun", sleeping, and eating dried shrimp.

 The Welchmeyers on Chloe's 2nd Birthday

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